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Slip & Fall Accident 


If you’ve been injured in a slip, trip or fall, we’re here to help.

Damage Recovery for a slip, trip or fall

In representing accident victims statewide, our Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyer has come to understand the suffering of someone who has been injured in a slip, trip & fall accident. Your recovery could include damages from medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of future earnings, or other financial damages.

We have many years’ of experience helping people like you get the compensation they truly deserve. So, if you’ve been injured and it was somebody else’s fault, give us a call. We offer a Free consultation with no obligation 866-764-6587.

If you’ve been injured in a slip, trip or fall you shouldn’t be embarrassed, we’re on your side. If you slipped, tripped or fell because of somebody else’s fault you may be entitled to collect money damages.

We understand an injury can cause lifelong pain and financial hardship. We’re here to help and advise you all the way.

Slips, trips and falls can cause serious injuries such as, wrist fractures, hip fractures, knee fractures, hand fractures, ankle fractures, bone fractures, concussions, tendon tears, head and brain injuries. Nobody should be injured because of somebody else’s negligence. Call our Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyer for free consultation today to find out if we can help. Remember that when you call us there is no obligation and your phone call is completely confidential.

About your money damage recovery

We understand how an injury from a slip, trip or fall can alter your life. It can affect your walking, your ability to work and this can cause great financial concern. We’re here to help.

Your recovery could include damages for past and future medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of future earnings, or other financial damages.

Getting the money you deserve for your injury can leave you to focus on recovery and health.

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Who’s at fault for your slip & fall?

 Slips, trips and falls can happen because someone didn’t take the correct safety measures to keep you safe. Slips, trips and falls are most commonly caused by:

  • Wet floors
  • Cleaning and waxing
  • Cracked or uneven flooring
  • Oil, dirt and grease
  • Inadequate warning
  • Unexpected obstacles
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Many other scenarios

Establishments such as offices, shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants also have a responsibility to keep you safe from slips and trips. They must post warming signs such as wet floors, keep walkways or aisles clear, etc.

If you’ve been injured as a result their failure to act with due care, we may be able to help you collect money for your injury.

If you were injured in an apartment, rental, or condominium then the owner, landlord or condo association may be responsible. Since they have the duty to keep the property well maintained, any defects, dangers or hazards should have been fixed by them as soon as reasonably possible.

If the owner, landlord or condo association hasn’t maintained the property in a safe condition, then accidents such as slips, trips and falls can happen, and it may be considered their fault.

Starting a claim for a slip, trip or fall

 The first step to making a claim is to call us.

We will work to figure out who was at fault for your accident. We will also investigate and analyze the full extent of injuries you suffered.

You can call us for free on 866-764-658.

Some Legal Rules that may apply:

Injuries on the property of another have very complex issues. Some of the important issues are whether the injured person was an invited guest or trespasser. Generally speaking, some of the rules that may apply are as follows:
Invitee or invited licensee: Stores, Restaurants, Offices, Repair Shops, Condominiums, Homes, etc…
Whether, at the time and place of the incident you were invited on premises owned by or in the possession of the defendant.
A person is invited on land or premises of another when he enters or remains there at the invitation of the owner or possessor. An invitation may be either express or reasonably implied from the circumstances. [A person remains invited as long as he or she uses the premises in the customary manner or in a manner which the owner or possessor of the premises might reasonably have expected and at a place where the visitor was invited or where he or she was permitted to be or where he or she might reasonably have been expected by the owner or possessor.

Discovered trespasser
Whether, at the time and place of the incident the defendant had a duty to use reasonable care for your safety. A person who owns or has possession of land or premises who knows of a condition on the premises which involves an unreasonable risk of harm to another person on the premises has a duty to use reasonable care to warn the other person of the condition and the risk involved, if the presence of the other person is known by the owner or possessor and if the other neither knew nor should have known of the condition and risk by the use of reasonable care.

The above rules along with others rules could play an important factor in your claim.

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